Baby Hair Care Tips to Avoid Hair Damage

Every baby is born with differences that come in a variety of features like eyes, noses and hair. While some babies are born with little to no hair at all, others are born with a full head of hair. These baby hair care tips will help you avoid damaging your baby's hair!

Caring for a baby's hair can be simple but you need to keep in mind that your child's head is still developing. Make sure that you avoid tight braids, pulling, tugging and putting pressure on the soft spot on your baby's head.

Here are a few more good points to keep in mind when caring for your baby's hair.

Keep in mind that your baby's hair doesn't need any heavy-duty shampoos, conditioners or hair treatments, so avoid using these products on their hair.

Typical hair products may contain sulphates and other harsh ingredients that can cause irritation on your baby's scalp.

Keep your baby's hair clean by washing it once a week with a mild cleanser but use it sparingly because over shampooing can cause dryness, leaving hair frizzy and brittle.

When it comes to moisturizing your baby's hair, stick to natural oils like olive, almond and avocado. A small amount of natural oil is best applied to hair while it is still damp; this helps to seal in moisture.

Never try to detangle your baby's hair while it is dry! This could cause breakage and can be quite painful for your baby.

At around 4 to 6 months you may notice the texture of your baby's hair changing. This is because the warmth and nutrients of being inside the womb was very nourishing to your baby's hair, which helped to retain moisture.

So at this point, the true texture of your baby's hair will be revealed. Don't be discouraged if you see some patchy spots on your child's head, they will fill in as your baby grows.

Although all of these baby hair care tips can help you avoid mistakes with your baby's hair, if you ever do become concerned, consult with a physician. 

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