What You Need to Know About Cornrow Caps

Sew-in weaves and crochet braids are always amazing ways to wear your hair in different protective styles. It offers versatility in length, color, texture and style rather than just wearing your hair natural or straight.

The only negative is that getting your hair weaved on a regular basis can prove to be a bit pricey for some people's budgets. A quick and easy way to overcome this obstacle is to use cornrow caps.

What Are Cornrow Caps?

These caps fit onto your head just like a regular wig cap, the only difference is that this comes fully corn-rowed making it sew-in and crochet ready.

The wig caps are available in different styles depending on what look you're trying to achieve. You can get a cap with horizontal braids, vertical braids, cornrows with a side-u part, center u-part, and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, all new products come with criticism. Many women pointed out that you would have to flatten your hair prior to placing the wig cap on your head. Also, the fact that having to layer the wig cap over your hair and then install a weave, made some feel uneasy. It made potential users feel that this product would just be too much on your head and uncomfortable as well.

The wig cap is actually quite light and it stretches to fit your head snugly. The cornrows are just medium/large braids that are glued to the cap. So overall, unless you have thick, bra-strap length hair, you should be able to use the cornrow cap without any discomfort.

To use the wig-cap, make sure that you have a hairstyle that lays close to your head or at least a style that you're able to tuck into the cap neatly. Clean the perimeter of your hairline with a skin safe cleaning solution. Place the wig cap onto your head and secure the teeth of the cap into the front and back of your hairline.

After you have secured the cornrow cap onto your head to your satisfaction, you can now install weave tracks or crochet your hair into any style you want - all on your own!

Cornrow caps are an easy alternative to getting your hair done in weaving cornrows. These caps are also great if you have hair loss, thinning hair, or you simply don't want to sit to get your hair braided and then weaved.

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