Hair Scarves for Natural Hair Protection

Hair scarves are an amazing way to add flair to your hair but is also an aid in protective styling. You can use hair scarves for natural hair protection. You can wear them as a stylish accessory during the day, to an event, or just for the sole purpose of retaining moisture while you sleep.

The first step is to style for your scarf or bonnet. This is ideal if your hair is prone to tangling when it is free. You would want to go for large braids or twists, French braids or wear your hair in a pineapple style.

To Pineapple your hair is to create a high bun by lifting all your hair upwards and securing it loosely with a large hair tie. This style is ideal if your hair is prone to simple tangle and long. If your hair is of a more complex texture and prone to shrinkage then the French braids or twists would be a better option.

Make sure that you're moisture aware! Covering your hair while you sleep is an excellent way in order to restore and retain moisture. Therefore when you remove your hair scarf, you may inadvertently be causing your hair to lose the moisture that was retained.  

If you know that your hair is prone to dryness, just take extra care to increase the frequency of your moisture routine and avoiding over oiling at night time. You may also be interested in Sleeping Cap for Locs & Natural Hair.


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