Kitchen Conditioning, Hair Conditioner From The Kitchen

Conditioning is an essential part of any hair care regime and every hair type has different needs. Here are some items that are tasty ingredients in some of your favorite dishes which are also effective homemade hair conditioners.  

These are some common items that you may find in your kitchen. You may have never thought of using hair conditioner from the kitchen but they can be great alternatives for hair conditioner.


Mayonnaise is great on its own as a post shampoo deep-conditioning treatment. Mayonnaise is basically a powerhouse deep-conditioner for your hair. 

Apply the mayonnaise to freshly shampooed hair and cover your head with a plastic cap or warm towel in order to help the mayonnaise penetrate your hair effectively.

Leave it in for a minimum of twenty minutes, massage your hair for about several minutes, rinse and enjoy.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is all the craze lately, but have you ever considered trying coconut milk? The canned variety is available at most grocery stores and it's very budget friendly.

Coconut milk can be added to your favorite hair conditioner or you can add some of your favorite essential oils and/or honey in order to make a homemade conditioning treatment.

If you are using the coconut milk on its own along with the essential oils and honey, it is best applied to your hair before you shampoo and make sure that it is slightly heated.  

Also, use something like a small dye application bottle in order to ensure that your strands are saturated properly. Rinse out your hair with cool water.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is not only good for your waistline, it does wonders for your hair as well. The yogurt works to moisturize, strengthen dry brittle hair and reduce unwanted hair frizz. It also works as a protein treatment.

You can use Greek yogurt as a treatment either before shampooing or co-washing your hair or you can use it after shampooing or co-washing your hair.

Apply the yogurt to your hair from root to tip and make sure to be quite generous with the extremely dry sections of your hair. Place a shower cap on your head for about thirty minutes and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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