How to Prevent Hair From Sweating While Working Out

With people suffering from obesity, diabetes, and heart disease at staggering rates, it's extremely important for you to get your workout on. Many black women tend to avoid the gym or working up a sweat in general because of their hair. It's not even about being lazy either. The real question is, how to prevent hair from sweating while working out?

Getting to the gym in the first place is hard enough without having to worry about how you will maintain your hair.

But hey...

Nobody wants to look like a hot mess, so here are some hair tips to keep you on the treadmills and get you into yoga classes.

The main thing that us black women like to avoid is sweat- or any unwanted moisture to our hair period! Also, sweat can be very acidic and dry out your hair. The thing is that sweat evidence of a good workout so you will want to protect your hair from sweat and not omit it altogether.

If you have a sew-in weave or a sew in a wig, the best option would be to tie your hair up into a pony-tail, with the assistance of bobby pins holding it in place.

This will ensure that the hair doesn't get tangled and sweaty. Ensure that the pony-tail is not too tight, as the tracks can end up pulling your natural hair and this can result in damage.

You may use the same method of putting your hair up if you have relaxed hair. If you have longer relaxed hair, make sure that it's held up in place off of your neck and face.

For longer dreadlocks, you'll probably want to avoid the use of bobby pins around the front of your hairline and just wear it in a high bun.

If you have natural hair, try rocking a protective style like braids, cornrows or twists, These are great temporary options that are low maintenance.

Using a silk scarf or sweat headband can also work wonders. They help to absorb sweat and protect your hair. Working out in cooler climates also helps to deter sweat from your scalp.

Another important thing is to allow your hair to dry after a work-out. If it's not wash day, you can use a towel a to pat your hair dry or even the low setting on the hair dryer to get rid of any excess sweat!

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