LOC vs LCO Method for Low Porosity Hair

With the cooler months always fast approaching, many naturalistas should be incorporating super hydrating methods into their hair care routine. Two popular methods that are often used are the LOC and LCO method for low porosity hair.

LOC stands for LIQUID, OIL, CREAM and LCO stands for LIQUID, CREAM, OIL. While both methods are quite effective in hydrating and moisturizing natural hair, naturalistas still have their preference of which method to use.

With the LOC method you would start off with a water based leave-in conditioner or even water itself. The reason why the water component is so important, is because moisture for your hair comes from water- not products. Like the rest of your body, a healthy head of hair needs water inside and out.

Next you would moisturize with an oil, sealing in the water based moisturizer into your hair. The third step is to finish off with a cream based moisturizer which will act as a double seal  closing your hair cuticle and prevent moisture from escaping.

When using the LCO method, it's basically the same concept except for the fact that the last two steps are reversed. So again you'll be starting out with a water based leave-in conditioner or the H2O itself. Next, instead of using oil, you will use the cream based moisturizer which will again close all of your hair cuticles.

The last step is to moisturize you hair with oil which acts as a sealant. Many naturalistas believe that the LCO method makes more sense and is superior to the LOC method because sealing everything with oil as a last step makes more sense.

Either way both the LOC and LCO are excellent methods of moisture retention. Keep in mind that this is not limited to naturalistas, it's great for relaxed and texturized hair as well!

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