Monoi Oil: What is it and How Does it Help

Monoi oil has a history as rich as its fragrance. The oil comes from a concoction of the Tiare Gardenia flower (which is native to Tahiti) being steeped in locally harvested coconut oil for about a month. The literal translation of Monoi oil is “sacred oil,” and it has this name for some good reasons.

This oil doesn't contain any sulfates, parabens, silicones, or any synthetics whatsoever. This simple, sweet-smelling oil offers beauty benefits that range, literally, from beautiful hair, shiny nails and smooth skin.

Hair Hydration

You can find monoi oil in many hair products like shampoos, hair moisturizers, conditioners, hair masks, and frizz-control serums, among other items. When applied to the hair, the oil boosts shine, smoothes out frizz and tames flyaways. It is able to achieve this by deeply penetrating the hair shaft, helping the cuticles lay flat and smooth.

You can also use monoi oil as a enhancement for your conditioner, just add a few drops to your favorite conditioner and enjoy. Another property of monoi oil is that it is known to protect hair from environmental elements and damage.

Monoi oil makes an excellent pre-poo treatment because of its protein building and deep conditioning properties. It has been found that just one single use of a monoi based shampoo and hair mask reduces hair breakage by about 96% and greatly increases overall hair elasticity.

Supple Skin

The foundation of monoi oil is coconut oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. The tiare flowers that are in the oil contain anti-inflammatory properties. This gives the oil the ability to be an excellent moisturizer for skin while it nourishes at the same time. Research has shown that in just 28 days of usage, momoi oil can bolster skin elasticity by about 27%.

In addition to the soothing and moisturizing properties of the oil on the skin, monoi provides the skin with a gentle glow. Skin-focused products that contain monoi oil include bronzers, lotions, scrubs, soaps, body washes , sunscreen, anti-aging creams, makeup, bath salts, moisturizers and even perfumes.

You can use monoi oil on its own for your skin and even as a cuticle treatment for hands and feet. Or, you can infuse the oil into some of your favorite products like body wash, lotions, and even your bubble bath. Doing so can provide you with spa-like results.

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