Heatless Stretching, Savvy and Non-damaging Ways to Stretch Your Natural Hair

You've heard it all before! Heat is bad for your hair, heat damages your hair, but what are your other options? How do you stretch natural hair without heat?

There are actually many savvy and non-damaging ways to stretch your natural hair, which are as effective as a blowout. Here are a few heatless stretching methods.

African Hair Banding

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African hair banding is an excellent way to stretch your hair without the use of heat. Start out by washing or co-washing your hair. Section your hair into as many parts as you please. While your hair is still damp, use small elastic hair bands from the base to tip of each section as if you were placing your hair in a ponytail. The more bands that you add per section, the more effective the stretch.

African Hair Threading

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African hair threading uses the same concept as the banding, but it just replaces the bands with thread. Start out with damp hair that is sectioned off. Take hair weaving thread and tie a knot at the base of the sectioned off hair. Wrap the thread from base towards the tip of your hair, securing it with another knot. Keep in mind that the less space you leave between thread while wrapping, the more effective your stretch will be.


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Curlformers are a modern twist on traditional hair rollers, which allow you to stretch your hair without heat. They come in different varieties in order to deliver various curl textures such as spiral, corkscrew and barrel. Results are best when you start with previously washed hair. If additional hold is desired, use a hair setting lotion.

Protective Styling

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Protective styles such as braids or twists are excellent low maintenance options to stretch natural hair without heat. Individual braids and twists are the very effective in stretching high-shrinkage, kinky hair. Start out with previously washed hair that is slightly damp. Section hair off into medium to small sections and braid or twist hair from root to tip.

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[caption id="attachment_1142" align="alignnone" width="300"]Pineappleing for heatless stretching of your natural hair Lipstickalley.com[/caption]

This method is definitely a favorite because it is done with such ease. Just place your hair into two high ponytails or buns and then wrap your hair with a satin bonnet or scarf.

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