Tapered Haircuts That’ll Inspire You to Try it Out

Short hairstyles are a nice, chic and easy way to wear your natural hair. Some women may find wearing their natural hair in a short style rather intimidating, but with a little confidence, anyone can rock a short tapered look. Finding a tapered hairstyle that suits you and also one that you're able to maintain is especially helpful when you’re transitioning or going through stage one growth after a big chop!

Tapered haircuts have a sophisticated look that can be very easy to achieve and maintain. So whether you're looking for a pop of colour, a protective style or a look for your next big event, there's a tapered style for you.

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The best thing about having a tapered haircut is the versatility that it provides. A look like this would be perfect for a special event or even a night out on the town. Achieve this look by finger coiling your hair with a product that contains both hold and moisture properties. Add a side part and a couple of embellished hairpins and you’ll be red-carpet ready.

This tapered style is easy to achieve because it incorporates flat-twists rather than cornrows, so most women find this easy to pull off themselves. Simply flat-twist the sides of your hair, leaving top portion out, which will then create a Mohawk type look. In order to add more definition in the middle section of your hair, simply set it in curling-rods or even bantu-knots in order to have a more defined look.

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Adding some highlights to your curls give your tapered haircut a stylish flair. Rose gold or honey brown are two popular tones to choose from. They give your hair a soft highlighted tone that won't come off too severe. Finish off your look by setting your hair in flexi-rods or bantu-knots, along with a product that produces shine in order to have a nice polished coiled style.

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A great way to make your tapered haircut a statement piece is to add a fade design to the back or sides of your head. Fades are nothing new but they are definitely trending along with tapered haircuts. Your local barber would be your best bet in order to achieve clean lines and a clear design.

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