To Trim or Not To Trim

Ah to trim or not to trim, that always seems to be the question. We're talking about the importance of regular trimming (if needed) and the benefits that it yields. Trimming is an important aspect of hair maintenance and length retention. The benefits of trimming hair can be very noticeable if done consistently.

So even if you are sporting natural, relaxed, medium, short or long hair, trimming needs to be implemented into your hair care routine. Today we'll focus on the different methods between trimming relaxed or natural hair. Make sure that you always use professional hair shears to trim your hair. This will ensure that you prevent further damage!

Natural Hair

Trimming your fro can come with a little bit of heartbreak. After you wash, length is always lost to shrinkage. With natural hair you'll want to make sure that you don't have split ends and that your fro doesn't have a patchy appearance.

If you have medium to long length hair, start out by sectioning off the hair into four or five parts, just enough so that you can manage each section without getting lost.

Using your hands, gently go through your tress looking for single knot strands and spilt ends, snipping them as you go along.

This method is best, if you have 2a-3c hair texture. I you have 4b-4c textured hair it is recommended to use the "blow-out method" in conjunction with sectioning out your hair and trimming the ends.

Relaxed Hair

Trimming as needed when your hair is relaxed is a must if you want to retain healthy length. Again, you should always be using your professional hair shears in order to do your trim.

Section off your hair into 4 or five parts in order to keep track of the ends that you've already trimmed and also to get the ends of your longest layers.

Go through the sections and snip off any obvious thin or split ends. One rule of thumb is to do a trim every time, after you relax your hair.

In addition to trimming your hair, make sure to seal off your ends with hair butter or hair oil. Wrapping your hair at night with a silk or satin wrap is also essential in maintaining healthy hair. The head wrap acts as a preventative aid in hair breakage and moisture loss while you sleep.

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