Go wash and go!

A "wash and go" is a must know method for all naturalistas. It is a great way to work with your natural hair, defining and showcasing your natural curls.

It's also a great way to figure out which products best suit your hair, because let’s face it, using products and techniques that are not suited for your hair can pose a challenge.

A "wash and go" is wash day and deep conditioning all in one, so here are the steps on this must use method.

Make sure that you have the proper products on hand so that you're not stuck searching for something when you should be focused on your hair.

You'll need a wide-tooth comb, shower cap, blow dryer, hair diffuser blow-dryer attachment, hair concentrator blow-dryer attachment, clarifying shampoo, regular and deep conditioners, leave-in conditioner and hair gel.

Start off by parting your hair into two sections and burning one half, leaving the other half out. This allows you to work on your hair by section making it easier to ensure that product is applied everywhere evenly.

Wet your hair first and then apply some conditioner to your hair. This prepares your hair for the shampoo and helps your hair to retain moisture while making your hair more manageable.

After rinsing the conditioner from your hair, apply the shampoo from the root using the painting method. The painting method is when you use your hand as a paintbrush to apply product to your hair layer by layer!

For a boost of extra moisture, apply conditioner again to hair while the shampoo is still in. Rinse hair thoroughly and repeat the same sequence to the other half of your hair.

After you've rinsed out your hair completely, apply your favorite hair mask or deep conditioner. Coat your hair generously and twist into two or more buns. Place a shower cap or warm towel over your hair and let it rest for 10 minutes. Thoroughly rinse you hair out while doing a bit of detangling with your fingers and then apply your favorite leave-in conditioner. Follow up with some hair oil to seal in the moisture.

The last step is applying hair gel to your soaking wet hair. This is because you'll want definition in your hair without the frizz. Since soaking wet hair is about as frizz free as you're going to get, this is the best time to apply the gel! When you're finished applying the gel, blow-dry your hair with a diffuser attachment.

This will keep your hair from having a "poofy" look and becoming tangled. Once your hair is dry, finish off with the concentrator attachment on your blow dryer. This will allow you to pull your hair into your desired shape.

Make sure to section off your hair and wrap with a satin headscarf before going to bed. This will ensure that your hair doesn't become matted and you can keep your wash and go style for a few more days!

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