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sisterlocks, peels Simone is a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant and  Licensed Cosmetologist in Philadelphia, PA. Thinking of Getting Locs! Sisterlocks or Microlocs. You have found the right place. I am an expert at this. I got this! I love to see women with sisterlocks. I think they are beautiful and confident about their Locs. As of 2022, I have done over 600 installations. Thats a lot! So I have seen it all, I hope,  and have worked with all curl patterns, from bone straight to tightly coil and all inbetween. Truly I must say thanks to Joanne Cornwell for creating Sisterlocks.  I have been doing sisterlocks since 2003 and I still enjoy doing it. I love what I do and I find it pleasing when customers are satisfied. I like to make my clients happy. I have a diversified clientele and I am always fascinated with the end results of my work. I truly love to see Women sporting Locs whether it's Sisterlocks, dreads or traditional Locs. I think they are so beautiful. 

Because I have so many clients and I see so many arrays of sisterlocks which includes clients from so many other consultants across the U.S. I feel I can share a thing or two with you based on my experiences.

TIDBITS on keeping your sisterlocks healthy:

  1. On New Sisterlocks, or Microlocs, only shampoo once prior to retightening. By all means if you have to shampoo because of itchy, flaky scalp do so. Shampooing the hair minimally will cut down on fuzziness and keep locks looking neater.
  2. On semi mature looks (between 8 to 16 months depending on texture) start using some moisturizer (sparingly) to prevent dry, frazzled locks. If your hair tends to be oily, moisturizing may not be necessary.
  3. On Mature locks (typically 2+ years) conditioning and moisturizing the locks will keep the locks looking healthy.
  4. If you color your locks do a pull thru at least once a year to keep color looking fresh and revived.

You can contact me at Beauty Coliseum, 215-592-1982 or fill out the CONTACT US page if you have questions or would like to make an appointment for sisterlocks or microlocs . Thank you for visiting us.

For faqs visit sisterlocks.com

View our photo gallery below to see some of our clients: Sisterlocks, traditional locs, and loc extensions

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