Bio 7 Scalp Galvanizer

Bio 7 Scalp Galvanizer


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Bio7 Scalp + Growth Galvanizer is a ph balanced scalp treatment and formulated with a unique complex of microbiome, tea tree oil, biotin, aloe vera, and witch hazel to soothe itchiness and irritation. Detoxifying Charcoal pulls out impurites to purify the scalp and hair folicle of dead skin and product build-up and multiple peptides. Plant stem cell help to improve the appearance of hair loss, promoting healthy hair growth at the root. 

Bio 7 Hair Growth oil helps to strengthen, thicken, and grow your hair. Prevents hair breakages, and conditions the scalp. Helps to increase blood flow to the scalp and supplies valuable nutrients to hair roots. Stimulates hair follicles, and strengthen hair shaft.