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Electric Heating Pad can be used as a part of castor pack. Soothing Moist or dry heat brings comforting relief to sore, aching muscles and joints. Recommended for sports injuries, strains, tired muscles and relief of temporary arthritic pain.

Castor Pack Instructions. (At least two 8oz bottles is recommended, piece of plastic, and flannel cloth)

  1. Fold flannel cloth at least once to make a pack of appropriate size, and saturate with castor oil by pouring onto pack or dipping pack in preheated oil.

  2. Position pack over abdomen or area of complaint and cover with a piece of plastic and a heating pad.  A towel may be useful to protect bedding.

  3. Turn heating pad on low or to a setting the body tolerates.  Do not use heat if infection or fever is present or suspected.

  4. Allow pack to remain for an hour or more.  Longer applications can be beneficial if you avoid falling asleep with heating pad turned on, or use a hot water bottle.

  5. After pack is removed, cleanse abdomen with a solution of baking soda in water (1 teaspoonful    to a pint) or our convenient Castor Clean™ solution.

  6. Store pack in plastic bag or other container in a cool place when not in use.  After 24 uses or less, pack should be cleaned or discarded.

  7. Use 3-5 days per week for 3 weeks each month until results are obtained.