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Loc Rollers - black
loc roller to wrap or curl locs
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Loc Rollers - black


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Loc Rollers are very easy to use to style your locks. These loc rollers are very light weight and wont weigh your head down. Flexible and easy to wrap locks around Light Weight - No headaches Qty in pack - 20 locs rollers Can be worn as a style Directions: Best Results- Use on damp or freshly shampooed hair 1. Section the hair as desired 2. Grab 4 to 8 locks and wrap around locs roller. Start at the loop and wrap hair around down to the tip. For longer hair keep you can do more rotations around hair that’s already wrapped. 3. Option (1) To keep locs from unwrapping bend the loop downwards and the tip upward. 4. Option (2) For tighter curls pull the tip of locs roller into the loop.